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Sunday, June 6, 2010

A Jonah Tale - "The Dangerous Dentist"

This started back in March when Jonah had to go to the dentist for his regular check up and cleaning. Dr. Zuniga is wonderful, but Jonah is a more difficult child to work on. After about an hour of fighting him we decided not to torture him anymore and he referred us to a pediatric dentist that specializes with special needs kids. So I got on the phone and made an appointment with Dr. Cotton.

Our first appointment with her was great! She is an amazing dentist. Jonah was cursed with the "Rogers" teeth (not very strong). Anyways, he had a lot of work that needed to be done. I took him the first two times and then I had my mom take him because I couldn't take anymore time off work. Well the last time that Nana took him, he had to have a tooth pulled. He also was just having a difficult time there. So we decided to make the appointments for June when I was done working so that I could take him.

Well, with Jonah you have to "prep" him for the up coming events that he has to do. So the day before his appointment I was letting him know that he was going to see Dr. Cotton tomorrow and he started to cry. I asked him what is wrong. He said he didn't want to go to the dentist. I was assuring him that he would be fine and that she would take good care of his teeth. He was quite insistent that he didn't want to go. So I asked him why he didn't want to go see Dr. Cotton? His answer was simple and understandable, he said "Because she is dangerous!" I couldn't help but laugh.

Well needless to say we still went to see the "Dangerous Dentist" Dr. Cotton the next day. He did a lot of complaining, but he did great and is done for now. YAY! When we left the office he said goodbye to the nurse and I told him to say goodbye to Dr. Cotton, he wouldn't even look at her or say goodbye. I think he is a LITTLE mad at her. Oh well!
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Help! Bees!

We have bees that we are not quite sure how to take care of. They have made a home in a pilar on our back porch. There must of been a small enough hole for them to fly in. Now we have a colony and not sure how to go about getting rid of them! It doesn't make it very fun to be outside, and the kids keep going through my bedroom to go outside. Any ideas?
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This is a video of our little ducklings that hatched a couple of weeks ago. The big duck that you see in this video is the mom - Quackers. These little ducklings are fast! They made a swimming pole out of the other chickens water dish. We started out with 11 ducklings, but we lost a few along the way :(

The "NEW" Bed

The boys wanted to redo their rooms because Uncle Tim is giving them a weight set. So they ripped out the carpet in Levi's room, because it was just nasty. Anyways, they asked it they could take out Jonah's bed because he won't sleep on it or in his room at all and they want to put the weights in there. Jonah will either sleep in Sariah's room with her or on his "new bed" (the couch), or he will even try to convince me to let him sleep in my bed. I told him that Daddy sleeps in my bed and if Jonah were to sleep in my bed, where will daddy sleep? He response was: "He can sleep in my bed."

I asked Jonah if we got him a different bed would he sleep in his room. He said yes. So I asked him if he would sleep in a bean bag. He said yes. So I looked online and they are not cheap at least $100 plus! I finally found one from Walmart. Then on Saturday we went to Goodwill, because it was their 50% off day and they had an antique looking couch I was hoping would still be there, and it was! But next to it was this huge bean bag chair. It was marked at $39.99 then you take 50% off so we got it only for $20! When we got it home we barely could get it through the door. We took off the cover and washed it in hot water with detergent and oxyclean. After it was finished it looked good as new!

So that night I asked Jonah if he was going to sleep in his room in his new bed and he told me no! I asked him why. He told me that there were monsters in his room that told him they were going to eat his head. I told him that there is no monsters in his room. He was quite adamant that there is. I wonder if it is those mischievous spirits that were here when I was younger... So we got the "monster spray" (guardian and distilled water - it is an essential oil that helps) and sprayed it all over his room. When I went to check on him he was a sleep! When he got up this morning I asked him if there were any monsters that bothered him, he said no. I am happy and hope this will keep him in his OWN room.
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The Gila Valley Temple

In May we took a family trip to the Gila Valley to see the new temple that was built. It was a wonderful experience to be there with my children and have them see the beauty and peace that lies within those walls. The boys were funny about seeing the bride's room. Jonah was quite good and seem to feel content. He was enjoying having his picture taken.

Unfortunately, Eric had to work so he was not able to be with us. Also, I didn't have Kaylee with us either. She would have enjoyed seeing the temple and being there, but she was being very difficult through the week and I wanted this to be a positive experience. Plus of the drive there and back in one day. She would of had a difficult time being kind. We did have a surrogate daughter/sister, Ta, with us. She is a sweet girl. Sariah and Ta have the same birthday, so it is like they are twins! We love her and glad that she is able to participate with our family.

After the temple we were able to drive around and see some things in Thatcher and Safford. I showed the kids where I lived when I went to EAC. We drove around the campus, which has grown! I told them I would love for them to go there. They would love it (or at least I think they will) as I did. We got to go to the Mi Casa tortilla factory. We were able to purchase fabulous tortillas. We went to a cool little candy and candle store, I think it is the Lollipop Shop? Anyways, they had yummy fudge and old time candy that I haven't seen in a while. We also went by and saw the childhood home of President Kimball. We were hoping to get a tour of the home, but no one was there, maybe next time. On our way out of town, we had dinner at the Tastee Freeze. It was yummy too!

We attended the temple dedication as a family. It was a lot of fun to see President Monson show his human side. He has such a great sense of humor. I enjoyed listening to all the speakers. I loved President Crocket when I had him as an institute teacher. What a wonderful experience to see it. I wish we could have been there! When the temple is built here in Gilbert, maybe will be able to have that opportunity, especially to be in the presence of the Prophet and Apostles.
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Sunday, May 2, 2010

A double date with Mom and Dad..

At the beginning of April, Eric and I were privileged to go on a double date with my parents. We went and saw George Dyer at the Mesa Broadway Palms. It was a very enjoyable evening! We had front row seats. George Dyer came into the audience and we were able to shake his hand, plus I got very lucky because I got a rose that he threw into the audience. :p He will be coming back this winter and next spring. I am going to take my kids to go see him. I love his voice! If you haven't seen or heard of him.... you are missing out!

Levi in his school play.

Levi was in a school play called A Pirate Love Story. He played the evil brother. He was quite evil I might add. He performed this weekend. He did a fantastic job. He is getting more confident in his acting and singing abilities. He is quite a character. Here are a few pictures of him and his mates'.

This kid here in the first photo is Levi's clone. His name is Feyd. He looks and acts just like Levi! Watch out world...

I think they have too much fun! :)

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